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Project-Based STEM Curriculums

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Piversity Certificate Programs Project-Based STEM Curriculums
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Piversity Certification Programs

Piversity Certification Programs

How It Works?


Project Submission

Students will be submitting their STEM projects. Projects could be submitted via email with cloud drive links.

Web-based submission platform will be launched in 2018.


Review and Iterate

Students will receive detailed feedback and iterate on their work.

Unlimited resubmission is allowed until all project requirements are satisfied.


Pass and Certify

Certificate will be issued and a graduation package delivered by mail.

The graduation package will be composed of the final project submission, feedbacks and the certificate.

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Download project samples to get a feeling of what is Piversity Certificate Program and how it can benefit students.

Sample Project Details


Sample Project Rubric


Sample Project Report


Sample Project Review


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Currently, only enrollments submitted by organizations, schools, and education service providers are accepted. Please contact your school, teachers or instructors to help you get enrolled in the certification programs.

Individual enrollments will be opened soon.