Piversity Certificate Program

3D Design & Printing Certification

Piversity Certificate Program 3D Design & Printing Certification

About the Program

3D Printing is an essential tool for makers and rapid prototying. Accquiring the skills of 3D modeling and printing help fostering a future maker.

This certification is suitable for students who are looking for recognition of 3D design and printing skills. Both design and printing skills will be assessed in the certification.

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Velleman is a Belgian producer and distributor of electronics for hobbyists founded in 1975. Apart from electronics components and tools, electronics, mechanics and robotics kits are also their focuses. As 3D printing technologies gaining traction, they launched their DIY 3D Printer – K8200 (Vertex) series and are considered as one of the best 3D printer series in various rankings.

What you will build?



Students will learn about 3D design and printing techniques by prototyping a small tool or object in real life in this certification. Basics in 3D modelling and actual usage of the 3D printing will be covered. After graduation, it is expected students could efficiently create prototypes for their other STEM projects.

Part 1 1

3D Design

Students are required to design one piece of 3D drawing in any 3D modeling or drawing software and convert it into STL format. There are no restrictions of the design theme. Past submissions included glasses, cups, house, buildings, wearables and jewelries.

The only requirement is that the design must be original and completely designed by the student. The certification will be withdrawn if found plagiarizing or copying from online resources. Students are also encouraged to add person signs like name, icon, special pattern to the design to safeguard their design.

Part 2 2

3D Printing and Prototyping

Students are required to print out their 3D design from Part 1. It could be done on any type of 3D printer from any brand.